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Health & Safety Disclosure

Dog Paws Right

All dogs at The Sniff Shack play in group settings with other dogs of similar size and temperament. Please be aware that dogs will occasionally act like dogs and minor scuffles might ensue. During group play your dog may get small scratches, cuts, bruises, or other minor injuries. Our Pack Leaders (staff) are highly trained to quickly stop fighting, mounting, or other inappropriate behaviors and to minimize any such behavior. However, we are not able to prevent every instance of inappropriate behavior and The Sniff Shack is not responsible for injuries resulting from group play, socialization or illness that occurs at our facility.


Additionally, we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our facility, but The Sniff Shack is unable to prevent the transmission of all canine illnesses. These illnesses can be similar to the common cold children acquire at school, or an adult catching the flu at work. We do our very best to keep all dogs as healthy as possible by extensively sanitizing all surfaces and the air in our facility. Occasionally, dog colds such as Kennel Cough can impact our community. The Sniff Shack is not responsible for the transmission of communicable illnesses.


In the event of a medical emergency which requires that your dog be removed from our facility, we will notify you as soon as possible and make every effort to get them to their veterinarian quickly. If we are unable to do this for any reason, we will immediately transport your dog at your expense to the closest emergency animal hospital.