Hi. My name is Porter! I wanted to tell you hope much I love the shack. I get to play with my dog buddies, get lots of pets, and then laze around. I love all the humans there and miss them on days my parents make me stay home.
I have nothing but the BEST things to say about Sniff Shack. The staff is absolutely incredible, the facilities are nice and clean, and most importantly, it is my Doggo’s favorite place on this PLANET. He loves seeing his doggy and human friends everyday. We have an Irish Wolfhound who is very anxious and they make him feel at ease and can even give him a bath… Which is a feat in itself! I seriously LOVE this place and would never consider another doggy daycare.
We love The Sniff Shack!
Zoey loves going to “school” to play with her friends and get her energy out. The staff is fantastic and they’re always excited to see our little wiggle butt!
The Sniff Shack is our second, happy home! Mumford has been playing with his friends and staff for 5 years now, and we wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. We absolutely love the staff – they’re attentive, courteous and kind – and we feel like we’re part of the family! We have seen very little turn-over of staff, which means, not only do they love our pups but they also love their jobs – happy people make happy puppies!!! We’re grateful that the Sniff Shack has always been there for us; we will continue to support our local, independent business and be there for them!