1. Drop your dog off at The Sniff Shack by 3:00 pm so they can get acclimated to the environment and burn off some energy prior to dinner. A $10.00 fee will be added to the reservation for dogs dropped off after 3:00.
  2. Pre-package their food in single-serving size baggies. Please note that we will charge $10.00 if we have to separate the food into single servings. You may want to pack a little extra in case your trip goes long.
  3. We understand some pups are finicky during feeding times and we can absolutely accommodate your special requests at The Sniff Shack.
  4. Medicine must be in the original prescription container complete with the dosage instructions and include the prescribing veterinarian’s contact info. The Colorado Department of Agriculture (PAFCA) requires this.
  5. Your dog will play all day with other dogs and they will be tired. Please allow them to rest when they get home and remember most dogs sleep 15-18 hours a day when they are at home. The Sniff Shack is like Vegas for dogs, non-stop action and long days. Due to the amount of stimulation and exercise, they may even lose a little weight depending on the length of their stay. This is normal and like us, losing a few extra pounds is sometimes a welcomed event????.
  6. Water is available for your dogs throughout the day. Please note that even though your dog has been offered water throughout their stay, many pups don’t eat or drink well during their stay and may be thirsty or hungry when they get home.
  7. If we notice any significant decline in your dog’s eating or drinking habits, we will reach out and discuss some options.